What Are the Best Things to Do in Tampa for Couples: A Guide to Romantic Activities

Tampa offers a treasure trove of activities for couples, blending romance with the vibrant Floridian lifestyle.

My first time strolling through Tampa’s picturesque Riverwalk with my partner, the sunset painted the sky in pinks and oranges, a sight that’s stayed with me ever since.

Whether you’re hand-in-hand by the water or sharing a toast high above the city in a hot air balloon, Tampa’s charm is as clear as its sunny skies.

A couple enjoys a romantic sunset cruise on Tampa Bay, with the city skyline in the background and a gentle breeze blowing through their hair

Indulging in the local flavors at Hyde Park Village is a must for any couple.

There’s something about leisurely wandering through upscale shops and stopping for a bite in an ambient café that sparks joy.

For adventure seekers like me, cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium ignites a thrilling bond—there’s just nothing like game day energy!

If it’s a meaningful experience you’re after, diving into history at the Tampa Bay History Center or connecting with marine life at The Florida Aquarium are enriching ways to spend time together.

Every trip to Tampa has left me with unforgettable memories, and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite for couples seeking both excitement and relaxation.

Discovering Romantic Spots in Tampa

If you’re planning a couple’s getaway or just a lovely day out with your significant other, Tampa has a treasure trove of romantic spots. I’ve picked out a few favorites that you’re sure to adore.

Stroll Along the Tampa Riverwalk

There’s something inherently romantic about a waterside stroll, and the Tampa Riverwalk is the perfect place for it.

I love starting at Ulele – the native-inspired restaurant is a great spot for a toast to us.

The path leads to various attractions, and if you time it right, the Straz Center often has a play or musical that could be a delightful end to your evening.

Riverwalk Highlights

  • Catch a sunset while walking past eclectic art installations.
  • Stop by the Florida Aquarium for an underwater adventure.
  • Rest your feet at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park with stunning views of the skyline.


Hidden Gems for Couples in Ybor City and Hyde Park Village

Ever wandered through Ybor City? This historic neighborhood is a hub of culture and cuisine.

Columbia Restaurant – I got swept up in their intimate Flamenco dance performances.

But then there’s Hyde Park Village which, in my experience, is perfect for couples who prefer a quiet afternoon browsing boutiques or maybe sharing a dessert at a cosy café.

Ybor CityHyde Park Village
✅ Historic architecture lending a unique atmosphere.
✅ Cigar shops and the Hemingway-esque ambiance.
✅ Upscale shopping meets charming local businesses.
✅ Intimate dining experiences, like at Bern’s Steak House.


Relaxing Retreats at Premier Spas

Now, listen to this – A day at the spa? Absolutely yes!

Spa Evangeline located at the epicurean hotel is my go-to spot for unwinding together; their unique farm-to-spa treatments are just sublime.

Over at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach, nothing beats a side-by-side massage while overlooking the beachfront – talk about romantic views!

Soothed muscles, relaxed mind, and the chance to pamper yourselves, isn’t that just a slice of heaven? And it’s always a good idea to check if they have any couples’ packages, often they come with sweet extras.


Lively Activities and Experiences for Couples

A couple strolling hand in hand along Tampa's scenic waterfront, with a backdrop of vibrant street art, bustling outdoor cafes, and a colorful sunset

Tampa offers an eclectic mix of outdoor adventures, cultured evenings, and hip spots for foodies and beer connoisseurs. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of adventure parks or a dive into Florida’s rich history, Tampa has a little bit of everything for couples looking to make lasting memories.

Adventure and Leisure in Tampa’s Parks

When the sun is shining and you want to bask in Florida’s natural beauty, head out to Hillsborough River State Park or Lettuce Lake Park.

Take a canoe down calm waters or trek along the trails for some quality time together amidst the lush surroundings.

For a touch of sand and sea, Honeymoon Island State Park is the ticket – it’s perfect for a beach day date.

Don’t miss the chance to sail across Tampa Bay for a sunset you won’t forget. Sailing is not just an activity; it’s an experience that brings couples closer together.

Cultural Attractions and Tampa’s Rich History

I’ve always believed that shared experiences are the ones that stick.

Delve into Tampa’s history at the Tampa Bay Hotel, where the architecture alone tells a story.

For an artistic outing, the Tampa Museum of Art showcases stunning exhibitions – a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Then there’s the Tampa Theatre, an opulent movie palace that takes you back in time – catch a flick here if you can.

Date Nights with Fine Dining and Entertainment

Ready to unwind? The Straz Center for the Performing Arts presents a chance to dress up for a night at the theater.

After the final curtain call, head over to Bern’s Steak House for a luxurious dinner.

If you’re seeking a more laid-back vibe, the Tampa Bay Brewing Company offers a brewery tour followed by a craft beer tasting session.

As the night progresses, find a cozy rooftop bar to enjoy a happy hour beverage or some live jazz.

The Empress Tea Room is also a quaint spot if you’re in the mood for an intimate tea session.

⚠️ A Warning

Always check event schedules and book your experiences in advance to avoid missing out on the must-dos that Tampa has to offer.

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