How Many People Live on Davis Island Tampa: Unveiling the Population Stats

Davis Islands, my scenic neighborhood and an archipelago situated neatly in Tampa, Florida, has always been a hub for folks looking for the picturesque coastal lifestyle.

I often brag to my friends that living here means you’re just a stone’s throw from Downtown Tampa’s hustle and bustle, yet the vibe is nothing short of a relaxed, island-time atmosphere.

With sailboats dotting the horizon and palm trees lining the streets, it’s easy to see why home-hunters often set their sights on this Tampa treasure.

Several houses and buildings scattered across Davis Island, Tampa

The question of how many of us island dwellers call Davis Islands home is certainly a popular one, especially when you notice how tight-knit our community is.

I remember chatting with a neighbor once, who’s been crunching numbers, and they mentioned something really interesting—that the population was pegged at around 5,474 back in 2010.

Just strolling through, one might assume it’s grown since then, what with the frequent ‘Sold’ signs and moving trucks.

Florida’s sunshine isn’t the only warm thing here—the people are too.

Davis Islands is more than a spot on the map; it’s a patchwork of diverse folks coming together to create a unique and eclectic community.

Meandering through the neighborhoods, I’m always struck by how each neat row of houses tells stories of families and individuals from all walks of life sharing in the island dream.

Whether people are savoring a cup of joe outside their favorite café or tossing a frisbee at the park, there’s this unmistakable sense of belonging that floats in the air.

The History and Development of Davis Islands

Davis Islands, Tampa, bustling with activity and development. A mix of residential and commercial buildings dot the landscape, surrounded by the sparkling waters of the bay

The Davis Islands’ backdrop is a riveting blend of man-made ingenuity and Floridian allure, catalyzed by the vision of developer D.P. Davis.

Inception by D.P. Davis

I’m captivated by the tale of D.P. Davis, a man with a grand vision. He wasn’t just a developer; he was a dream weaver who spun the very fabric of Davis Islands from a bold idea.

Born in Green Cove Springs, Florida, in 1885, David Paul Davis made his mark in the 1920s. He saw beyond the swampy patches at the mouth of the Hillsborough River and envisioned a thriving community.

Leveraging his real estate acumen, he transformed two swampy isles into the Davis Islands of today, a true testament to his determination and business savvy.

Transformation into a Bustling Community

Davis Islands transformed from mere blueprints into a bustling neighborhood, an extravaganza of residential and recreational spaces beckoning families, professionals, and dreamers alike.

Look at the islands now, and you’ll see the fruits of Davis’ vision—streets lined with homes and the air buzzing with the hum of a lively community.

It’s like he flipped a switch and what was once marshland is now a hot spot, only a stone’s throw from downtown Tampa.

Architectural and Cultural Evolution

Walking through Davis Islands, I always marvel at the eclectic architecture. Mediterranean Revival jostles with Modernist styles, evidencing a community that has evolved with time like a layered cake of history and modernity.

Culture here is a smorgasbord; you’ll find a robust mix of artists, entrepreneurs, and families all weaving their threads into the rich tapestry of the islands.

The structures here are pillars that uphold the stories and lives of those who call Davis Islands home.

Demographics and Residential Life on Davis Islands

Navigating through the Davis Islands’ community, I’ve found a dynamic mix of people that truly captures the essence of residential life in this Tampa gem.

Population Metrics and Income Levels

Davis Islands boasts a population that has crossed the 5,600 mark, reflecting a diverse community nestled in the heart of Tampa.

Families and professionals flock to the area, drawn by its reputation and the allure of island living—without being too far adrift from downtown convenience.

Let’s talk dollars and cents; the median household income orbits around $100,000, with the average annual household income hitting upwards of $170,000.

It’s clear, people here aren’t just scraping by; they’re living quite comfortably, to say the least.

Median Household Income: $100,000+

Average Annual Household Income: $170,646


Education and Employment

Curiosity got the best of me, so I did a little digging—turns out, the residents here are quite the educated bunch.

Colleges and universities aren’t just alma maters; they’re badges of pride sported by many an islander.

This well-educated workforce drives a blend of local employment opportunities, particularly for the 25 to 44 age range, which sees attractive average earnings.

It’s no puzzle why employment rates are as high as the Florida sun in July.

Real Estate Trends and Homeownership

What’s heating up faster than the summer sidewalks? The Davis Islands real estate market.

With residents typically over the age of 37, homes here are more than just structures; they’re cornerstones of well-established lives.

A stroll down the thriving neighborhoods reveals an attractive assortment of homes for sale, welcoming families, and singles alike to plant roots.

Age GroupAverage Income
25 to 44 years old$110,602
45 to 64 years old$121,553

Attractions and Amenities in the Davis Islands Area

Davis Islands isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s my go-to spot for an eclectic mix of leisure and lifestyle necessities.

Recreational Facilities and Outdoor Activities

I’m a huge fan of staying active, and around here, there’s no shortage of options!

At the tip of the islands, the Davis Island Dog Beach is a slice of paradise where my furry buddy can play fetch to his heart’s content.

And when it’s time for some me-time, I take to the Marjorie Park Yacht Basin for some waterfront tranquility.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Yacht Club – Perfect for sailing and socializing
  • Parks – Ideal for picnics, games, or a sunny afternoon laze
  • Recreational Facilities – Tennis, anyone?
  • Dog Beach – A must for pooch playdates


Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

If there’s one thing I know, it’s good food.

On Davis Islands, tantalizing tastes await at local restaurants like the homey 220 East. For a zestier bite, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant never disappoints with its vibrant array of dishes.

Cafes here offer the ideal backdrop for both a caffeine kick and people-watching.

And as night falls, the bars serve up a dynamic social scene that’s as refreshing as the drinks they pour.

Educational Institutions and Medical Facilities

Let’s talk learning and wellness.

Our community is proud to be near top-notch educational institutions.

For medical needs, there’s no place I trust more than Tampa General Hospital – their level of care is truly stellar.

It’s comforting to know that world-class healthcare is just around the corner, should an unexpected tumble occur during one of my recreational escapades.

Education & Wellness are cornerstones of community life on Davis Islands.

Connectivity and Location Advantages

Living on Davis Island, I appreciate the ease with which I can zip into the heart of Tampa.

The draw isn’t just the short commute time; it’s the variety of transport options on my doorstep and the access to several Tampa hotspots that really sweeten the deal.

Proximity to Key Tampa Destinations

When I chat with friends about Davis Island’s location, their eyes usually light up. 🌟

It’s practically a stone’s throw from Downtown Tampa—you’re looking at just a few minutes’ drive, depending on traffic.

Not only that, but Hyde Park and Ybor City are also nearby, offering an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and nightlife.

If you’re like me and enjoy a quiet stroll, the Beach Park Neighborhood is within reach, presenting a serene escape from the bustle of city life.

For beach lovers, getting to the sandy shores doesn’t require a day trip; the island has its own beachfront, including the notably dog-friendly spots where my four-legged friend can make a splash. 🐾

Plus, there’s neighboring Harbour Island, where more upscale dining and shopping await.

Transportation Infrastructure

As someone who’s had their share of travel woes, I can report that living here makes getting around a breeze.

For local transport, the hop-on convenience of the TECO Line Streetcar gets you to many key places without the hassle of parking. It’s a neat option for sightseeing, too!

But what about flying in and out? The Peter O. Knight Airport is right on the island, making air travel a walk in the park.

And for those larger trips? Tampa International Airport isn’t far either—a quick cab or rideshare away and you’re set for takeoff.

On those days when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ve found that even cruises are easy to embark on, with the Port of Tampa nearby.

For those who drive, the island’s connections to key roads mean you’re never caught in a tangle.

It’s just smooth sailing—or should I say driving—into and out of the neighborhood.

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