Best Ice Cream in Tampa: Top 10 Spots for Frozen Treats

Tampa, with its balmy breezes and swaying palm trees, might be known for sublime beaches and pirates, but let me tell you about a treasure that’s equally satisfying—its ice cream scene. On a sunny day, which let’s be honest, is most days in Tampa, nothing beats the pleasure of a scoop of creamy goodness.

Whether it’s the classic flavors that have been around for decades or the newfangled concoctions that are as bold as a Florida thunderstorm, there’s a little something for everyone.

A colorful ice cream shop in Tampa with a variety of delicious flavors displayed in a glass case, surrounded by happy customers enjoying their frozen treats

The city blooms with an array of spots to indulge in this chilly treat, from cozy corners that evoke memories of simpler times to trendy, modern parlors that push the boundaries of frozen delight.

I can’t help but be enamored by the creativity of these local ice cream artisans. They seem to have an unspoken competition on who can whip up the most decadently surprising flavor combinations. And trust me, this is a competition that we, as patrons, win every time we take a taste.

Walking into an ice cream shop in Tampa is like stepping into a world of sensory overload, in the best way possible. Colors swirl as vividly as the teal waters of the Gulf, and the scents! The sweet, tantalizing aroma can tantalize even the most stoic ice cream aficionado.

Each place has its charm, its signature flavors, and its spin on the classic cone. I’ve learned to appreciate the subtleties that make each ice cream parlor unique—from a scoop of velvety chocolate to the zest of locally-inspired key lime delights.

Tampa’s penchant for culinary creativity proudly parades in its ice cream, and each lick feels like a new discovery.

Exploring Tampa’s Ice Cream Scene

Customers enjoying various flavors at bustling ice cream shops in Tampa, with colorful signage and vibrant decor adding to the lively atmosphere

Tampa’s ice cream scene is as rich and diverse as its culture, offering a blend of classic American flavors and inventive new creations. Whether you’re after a scoop of old-fashioned vanilla or eager to try vegan options, Tampa’s ice cream shops have something for everyone.

Notable Ice Cream Shops

Revolution Ice Cream Co. – Known for their daring flavors and creamy goodness, they never disappoint when you’re craving something bold and exciting.

Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. – They have a reputation for artisanal flavors and high-quality, handcrafted ice cream.

Beans & Barlour – Famous for their alcohol-infused ice cream creations that are a hit with the adult crowd.


Neighborhood Favorites

In the cozy corners of neighborhoods like Seminole Heights or the trendy streets of South Tampa, you’ll find these gems:

Dairy Joy

– Their soft serve ice cream is a throwback to simpler times with flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake that take me back to my grandmother’s kitchen.

Chill Bros

– They scoop up all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. It’s Tampa on a cone, basically!

Ice Cream Variations

Tampa doesn’t shy away from variety. You’ll notice a delightful blend of American tradition with creamy gelato, tangy frozen yogurt, and diet-friendly vegan options. Here’s the scoop:

  • For gelato lovers, places like Bo’s Ice Cream serve up this Italian favorite; it’s like a quick trip to Rome without the jet lag.
  • If you lean towards the lighter side, frozen yogurt spots are dotted around Tampa Bay, serving up a healthier twist on the ice cream experience.
  • Vegan ice cream is more than just an alternative these days – it’s front and center for the plant-based crowd, with flavors so rich you won’t miss the dairy. 🍦

Indulgent Flavors and Unique Offerings

When you’re in Tampa, the ice cream scene takes you on a journey of indulgence with a side of surprise. I’ve seen and tasted a variety of scoops that would make any dessert enthusiast’s heart sing.

Popular Flavors

Mint Chocolate Chip & Salted Caramel: These classics hold a special place in the hearts (and taste buds) of Tampa residents. For a twist, you’ll find shops that elevate these favorites with premium ingredients like artisan sea salt and fresh, locally-sourced mint.


Chocolate ice cream remains a steadfast favorite, but it’s often given a local spin with mouthwatering mix-ins. The Blueberry Cheesecake flavor, for instance, takes traditional chocolate ice cream to the next level. It’s not just a scoop, it’s a decadent dessert experience with sumptuous cheesecake pieces swirled inside.

Innovative Mix-Ins and Sundaes

I can’t forget the sundaes and shakes that bring out the kid in all of us. Here’s a peek at what you might encounter:

Sundae/ShakeKey IngredientsWhy It’s Special
Brownie SundaeFudgy brownie, Vanilla ice cream, Hot fudgeIt’s topped with homemade brownies that are a chocolate lover’s dream!
Banana Pudding ShakeBanana ice cream, Vanilla wafers, Whipped creamIt’s like spooning through Grandma’s famous banana pudding, but with a straw!
Guava PastelitoCheese ice cream, Guava ribbons, Puff pastryThe blend brings a Cuban pastelito to life in frozen form.

Dairy Queen might serve up that familiar soft-serve, but local Tampa spots bring that extra ‘oomph’ with innovative mix-ins. Think banana pudding swirled with vanilla wafers, or the unique flavor of brown butter praline pecan that has just the right amount of crunch. And for those hot Tampa days, nothing beats a refreshing shake or a piled-high sundae that could easily serve as a meal replacement – not that I’m suggesting it!

Specialty Ice Cream Experiences

When it’s sweltering outside, nothing beats the sweet delight of a frosty scoop. Tampa’s array of specialty ice cream experiences caters to the curious and the cream-crazy alike, from mounds of soft, pillowy clouds of rolled ice cream to a tower of flavors stacked in a crunchy cone.

Ice Cream Specialties

I’ve sampled quite the variety of frosty treats around Tampa, but a few spots have a special place in my heart—and my belly. The concept of an ice cream flight, where your taste buds take off on a flight of fancy, is a must-try experience, and some local parlors serve up this delightful option, allowing you to pick and mix mini scoops of different flavors.

Ice cream sandwiches here can be a divine affair. Many shops will let you select between freshly baked cookies or brownies to pair with your preferred scoop, resulting in the perfect handheld dessert that squishes just right.

As for cones, they’re not just vessels at these parlors; they’re edible art. Waffle cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts or colorful candy pieces set the stage for a spectacular ice cream presentation.

Rolled ice cream is like the rock concert of ice cream forms—it’s lively, it’s flashy, and oh boy, is it satisfying to watch your personalized portion get crafted on that icy slab!

The creativity doesn’t stop at the form. Flavors can range from the nostalgia-evoking classic vanilla bean to the adventurous swirls of blueberry cheesecake and the decadent spoonfuls of chocolate peanut butter cup. Tampa’s tropical climate seems to inspire some parlors to push the boundaries of taste with zesty citrus infusions and even spicy concoctions!

Convenience and Accessibility

When it comes to enjoying the sweeter things in life, Tampa’s ice cream scene is both robust and user-friendly. From the comfort of your home to the sun-drenched sidewalks of the bay, finding your favorite frozen treat is a breeze, especially with so many family-owned spots and options for various dietary restrictions.

Delivery Services

I’ve noticed that ice cream shops in Tampa are upping their game with delivery services. You’re no longer limited to pizza or fast food; now you can get a creamy pint of your favorite gelato or a zesty frozen yogurt delivered right to your door. It’s a game-changer for family movie nights or when you’re craving something sweet but can’t bear the thought of leaving your cozy nook.

Family-Owned Delivery Gems:

  • Chill Bros Scoop Shop takes the cake with their homespun flavors. It’s like every pint comes with a side of family love.
  • For those with specific dietary needs, Plant Love Ice Cream doesn’t just deliver, they cater to the vegan crowd with indulgent plant-based flavors.


I’ve also seen a rise in frozen yogurt delivery spots. These tangy treats make a slightly guilt-free indulgence right to your desk or doorstep.

Just FYI: Some spots require a minimum order for delivery, so make sure to gather all your friends’ cravings before you hit that order button!

Beyond Ice Cream

Looking for a twist on the traditional frozen treat game? Tampa has plenty to offer. When the standard scoop just won’t do, the city’s dessert scene comes to the rescue with a variety of frosty alternatives. Think outside the cone and explore some of these tempting options!

Desserts and Alternatives

Seafood Sweets
You might not immediately think of seafood when you crave dessert, but hear me out. In some Caribbean spots, you’ll find desserts with a tropical twist—think mango sorbets and coconut-flavored treats that marry the savory flavors of the sea with the sweetness of the islands.

It’s like a beach vacation in a bowl.


Let’s not forget the ever-popular Orange Julius, a refreshing blend that’s like sunshine in a cup.

These citrus-packed, frothy drinks are a cool alternative to ice cream and can be found at various locations throughout the city.

Now, for those who fancy Italian over American, gelato is the go-to.

This denser, creamier cousin of ice cream has won over many hearts with its rich flavor profiles.

Thankfully, several gelaterias in Tampa are authentic and offer a range of delectable flavors straight from Italy.

And, of course, we can’t side-step the lighter, tangier option of frozen yogurt.

It’s a sweet spot for health-conscious dessert lovers who can layer on fruits and nuts to their heart’s content.

Many fro-yo spots also encourage customization with a variety of toppings, so you can let your dessert creativity run wild.

TreatTypeWhy Try It?
Tropical SorbetDessertFresh, fruity, and great for a hot day
Orange JuliusBeverageCitrusy, frothy, and utterly refreshing
GelatoFrozen DessertDense, creamy, and authentically Italian
Frozen YogurtFrozen DessertTangy, customizable, and a healthier option
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